MO Tested: REV'IT! Ladies Maple 2 Jeans Review

Cait Maher
by Cait Maher

Thoughtfully constructed, true-to-size riding jeans

Ask women riders, and you’ll learn that there is an absolute need for those who commute year round – a well fitting, protective motorcycle jean that doesn’t scrimp on safety, yet blends into a wardrobe effortlessly. An easy choice on the hottest days, as well as a comfortable staple you would be willing to wear for a multi-day trip out of town. It shouldn’t be too hard to shop around for something that fits the bill, yet for women who ride, this has always been a struggle. Not enough stretch, too much material in the wrong place, too low of a waistband… there’s always something that just doesn’t quite fit as well as your trusty old Levi’s do.

REV’IT! Ladies Maple 2 Jeans

Thoughtfully constructed, true-to-size riding jeans

Editor Score: 92%

+ Highs

  • Single layer Cordura is ideal for hot weather
  • Deep front pockets
  • Perfect amount of stretch to the fabric

– Sighs

  • Only available in one color
  • Could use extra abrasion resistance in impact zones
  • Hip armor is not included

It feels dramatic to type “overwhelming sense of relief” when referring to trying on moto jeans, but after receiving a pair of the REV’IT! Ladies Maple 2 Jeans the day before a weekend trip, it was spot on. I’ve owned well over a dozen pairs of riding jeans over the past 8 years as a rider in SoCal, and I have tried on maybe a few dozen more. I always return back to my ‘old trusty’ sun-faded and perfectly worn pair, and honestly… It’s time they’re retired. When searching for a replacement, my stipulations didn’t seem too complicated: I want a high-waisted, stretchy, dark wash skinny jean. I love riding jeans that give me some room to move around off the bike, and as a most-of-the-year commuter, I needed them to be incognito enough to wear them to work in my salon.

Rider is 5’4” with a 27” inseam and wearing a size W27-L30

The first thing I noticed when trying the Maple 2 Jeans was that the single layer 13oz Cordura denim didn’t feel bulky or stiff. There is a thin interior mesh panel in the front of the jean that connects the top waistband down to the pocket for the included Seesmart CE-level 1 knee armor. If you’ve ever put your foot through the wrong side of the armor pocket, you know how annoying that is, and this small detail seemed thoughtful and intentional. The stretch was just the perfect amount to allow easy movement right away, and as I packed up my bike for the trip down to Borrego Springs, I almost forgot I had just unboxed them that morning!

Mesh liner connected to the armor pocket keeps everything in its place without a chance of it sliding around.

The mid-waist rise hits the perfect spot to keep your hips completely covered, without bunching or digging into your middle while seated on your bike. This also leaves some room for – and I can’t believe that this is somehow not the standard for women’s moto jeans, yet – full size front pockets. This is easily the most requested addition I’ve heard over the years of chatting with the women’s moto community. Everyone appreciates a deep pocket, and very few brands include them on the women’s version of their moto jeans. This came in handy to keep my earplugs secure and credit card within easy reach at fuel stops.

Is that an iPhone 11 in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

The Maple 2 is offered in two lengths:, 30 in. and 32 in., and a full size range from 24-36. While we know that sizing charts are sometimes science fiction, and that moto gear brands have never agreed on any unit of measurement, I can confidently say that the Maple 2’s are a perfect measurement match in real life. I am typically a size 27, and of all the brands I’ve recently tried (and had to re-order), this was the only one to fit true-to-size. I highly recommend choosing the length closest to your inseam, as the pocket for the knee armor is moved slightly lower in the longer length to account for taller proportions. I personally love wearing taller riding boots, so my jeans always get a cuff or two, if not an adjusted hem to keep the bulk at the ankle to a minimum. The reflective detail at the interior hem of these jeans leads me to believe they’re made to be turned up to suit the rider, and I appreciate the small flash of safety-minded fun at the bottom of the jean.

Fun reflective detail on the interior of the hem.

It may be a leap of faith to only bring a single pair of brand-new moto jeans along on a 300 mi. weekender. I’ve certainly regretted gear choices in the past, but the Maple 2 Jeans passed the test with flying colors. I’m thrilled to finally have a riding jean in the closet that really checks off all my requirements (and then some!) and looks fantastic doing it. I’m eager to try them out this summer on a cross country trip, knowing the single layer Cordura is going to really be handy in the hot and humid parts of the country.

Check price for the REV’IT! Maple 2 jeans here

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Cait Maher
Cait Maher

Cait is a motorcycle enthusiast first and foremost, often spending weeks at a time crisscrossing the country on her Moto Guzzi V7. She got her start in the industry running a women’s moto gear market that travelled the country, and has been able to see the women’s moto community grow from the inside out over the last 10 years. She is typically found on pavement but has been eagerly diving outside her riding comfort zone for the sake of a good story, previously riding her TW200 through two Biltwell 100 races and one very well intentioned LAB2V. While not glued to her motorcycle, Cait lives a secret life as a hairdresser and quilter.

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  • Campi the Bat Campi the Bat on Feb 08, 2023

    The mid-waist rise hits the perfect spot to keep your hips completely covered, without bunching or digging into your middle while seated on your bike.

    I know that women vary in shape more than men tend to, but in my experience this has never been the case. Every big gear company is like "a mid-rise fit puts the hip armour where it needs to be" but all I hear is "we're reusing as many design resources from our menswear line as possible and we dare you to find anything better."

  • Tweet Tweet on Feb 11, 2023

    Hi Cait--I agree that riding jeans are a great compromise between a full riding suit or leathers and the "trusty old Levis". You're right though, finding the right fit is key! Twice now I've needed to return riding jeans due to the fit being way off and/or just plain uncomfortable. Yours look great though!
    By the way, is that a Kawasaki W800? I think it's a beautiful classically designed motorcycle. Are you riding that cross country this Summer? That's an article I'd love to read!