As motorcyclists, we’ve all heard that using high-powered pressure washers on our bikes is a big no-no. The pressure can force water past O-rings and seals, introducing the potential for corrosion and premature wear. Some of us have ignored that warning by using pressure washers anyway and, aware that intensity is an inverse square of the distance, tried not to get too close to the bike’s sensitive parts with the wand. Well, now Muc-Off has created a motorcycle- and bicycle-specific power washer that addresses the excessive pressure issue. 

Muc-Off Power Washer

These three tips plug into the wand on the pressure washer’s gun handle. Each tip delivers different pressures. Rotating the top tip varies from full power to low power.

Constructed from a sturdy copolymer plastic, the pressure washer utilizes a 1200W carbon brush motor for durability. While the washer delivers a maximum water flow of 1.7 gallons/minute and a max pressure of 1,450 psi, the magic takes place in the interchangeable wand tips. As with most pressure washers, the water flow is controlled by a wand with a squeeze trigger. In the case of the Muc-Off wand, the three included tips are interchangeable. One tip is for general use and offers a variable pressure capability, but what sets this washer apart are the nozzles created specifically for motorcycles and bicycles. Insert the motorcycle tip, and the pressure is kept to a safe level for our favorite two-wheeled machinery. Additionally, because the designers were aware of the delicate nature of some motorcycle surfaces, the gun and tips are coated with a soft-touch matte black finish in case you accidentally bang the tip into your bike. 

Muc-Off Power Washer

This adapter connects to the pressure washer’s gun handle. I recommend turning the foam level to a low level unless you want to use lots of cleaning solution.

Setting up the pressure washer is as easy as plugging in the power cord to a wall outlet, attaching a garden hose, and connecting the spray wand’s pressure hose. Choose the appropriate tip and insert it in the wand. Turn the power switch on, and it is ready to go. One tool that is absolutely essential to this kit is the low-pressure snow foam tip. Once a bottle of Muc-Off’s motorcycle cleaner is screwed onto the lance, the pressure washer produces a thick foam that coats every surface of the bike. 

To test the effectiveness of the Muc-Off Pressure Washer, I let my 790 Duke get pretty dirty with bug impacts and even fine drops of tree sap (which had resisted some other spray-on detailers). Using the motorcycle spray tip, I wet the entire bike and let it sit for a few minutes. Next, I put on a heavy coat of the Muc-Off foam. A word of warning, the foam dispenser is quite thirsty unless set to its lowest setting. I used over a third of a bottle in a single wash before I noticed how quickly the cleaner was disappearing. Again, I let the bike sit for a few minutes so that the cleaner could do its work. Next, I used a soft, wet scrubbing mitt to go over the entire bike. After that, I rinsed off the cleaner and the grime. Without any special attention, the tree sap on the tanks was gone. On the headlight, almost all of the encrusted bugs had come off, too. An additional few seconds of scrubbing those recalcitrant bugs were all that was needed on the headlight. On the back of the bike, only a couple spots of stubborn chain lube needed a moment’s attention. The Muc-Off cleaner really works!

Muc-Off Power Washer KTM 790 Duke

After soaking for a couple minutes, I washed the bike with a soft mitt before rinsing. Almost all of the built-up dirt was gone – even the fine dots of tree sap that had resisted another cleaner.

As far as the functionality is concerned, the Muc-Off Pressure Washer works well, and I see it becoming a regular part of my bike cleaning regimen because of the spectacularly thorough coverage the foaming wash dispenser gets on the bike and the wash’s ability to cut through bike mung. The washer comes with the three lance tips, the low-pressure foaming nozzle, and a handy waterproof storage bag for an MSRP of $175. For more information, visit the Muc-Off web site.