MO Tested: Insta360 One X2 Camera Review

Sean Matic
by Sean Matic

A sleek pocket-sized 360Ã video camera for on-the-go capture

Here at MO we’ve become fans of the new kid in the action camera room – Insta360. As the brand name implies, its specialty is 360-degree cameras which allow the user to capture all the action surrounding the camera, and decide after the fact which elements of the action they’d like to feature in their video. The beauty of this is that you never miss the action because the camera was mounted or pointed in the wrong direction. We’ve previously tested Insta’s One X, One R Modular 360 camera, and the tiny GO 2 pocket action camera.

Insta360 One X2

Version 2.0 of Insta360’s original 360-degree camera makes it easier than ever to make sure you don’t miss the action, wherever it is.

+ Highs

  • Sleek, easy to handle package
  • Fantastic smart phone and desktop apps
  • Never miss a shot again

– Sighs

  • Vulnerable in a tumble
  • Optional lens covers rumored to introduce glare
  • Standard video limited to 1440p

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The One X2 is version 2.0 of Insta360’s first consumer camera, the One X. That camera made capturing unique perspectives of all the action easy with video modes like Bullet-Time, Hyperlapse Time Shift, and Deep Track automatic subject tracking in post. Flow-State stabilization worked very well and was a huge boon for motorsport video. The One X had oodles of potential for changing the action camera game because of the advantages of a constant 360° field of view, but was let down by buggy file stability and a somewhat difficult to use two button camera interface with a dated LCD screen.

The One R addressed the file instability issues of the One X and added a color touch screen and modularity with a standard action camera 4k lens. It was also first in the action-camera space with a one-inch sensor lens option capable of shooting up to 5.3k, giving it the flexibility of being a 360 camera, standard action camera, and a higher-resolution low-light capable action camera all in one. The form factor was a more traditional chunky square camera body, and the One R camera itself was wider between the two 360 lenses compared to the One X. A wider camera in the 360 world means a more noticeable stitch line where the AI software stitches the two images from each lens into one.

Which brings us to the Insta360 One X2, which really is what the One X should have been from the start – an easy-to-use 360 camera with robust files, a modern, color touchscreen to control the camera and display vital information, and a sleek pocket-friendly profile for fans of iPhones.The incredible smartphone software and robust yet easy desktop software remain. How does the One X2 stand up to the demanding world of being mounted on screaming, vibrating, speeding motorcycles? Smash the video link below to find out. So far, after many months of that kind of abuse making a bunch of moronic videos, the One X2 has become an invaluable piece of camera gear.

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Sean Matic
Sean Matic

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  • Starmag Starmag on Jan 22, 2022

    I really like your work Sean, and I can see why you would want one for work , but is there anyone who thinks that selfy-sticks and their variants aren't narcissistic? I guess the people that use them. lol.

    They do take unusual and cool shots, I'm just not sure what I'd do with that footage, who I'd show it off to, or why they should care about video of my riding.

    • J. R. Boedeker J. R. Boedeker on Jan 23, 2022

      I have a camera running every time I ride. If some texting dungheap runs me over, I want to be able to show the video evidence to the cop. Or at least make it so they can pull up the video while the cleanup crew is scraping my remains off the road.
      A 360 camera would do this job even better.