MO Tested: INNOVV K2 Motorcycle Camera System Review

Ryan Adams
by Ryan Adams

A seamlessly integrated forward and rear facing camera system

When we were given the opportunity to test the new INNOVV K2 Motorcycle Camera System, I immediately thought of my friend. Not long ago, he had been involved in a traffic accident that had left his bike totaled after a collision with a car in an intersection. Rider okay, bike, not so much. If he had a camera running to record the situation, he may not have gotten burned so bad on the outcome of his incident. I asked Evans if we could set up my friend with the camera and get his notes on installation and use of the product. He rides quite a bit and commutes by motorcycle nearly every day to and from work. My thought was since my commute is from my bedroom to my home office with a possible detour to the kitchen along the way, my friend could gather more real-world data much quicker than I would be able to.

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The INNOVV K2 comes neatly packaged in a clean white box befitting of the camera’s size with all of the major components displayed up front. Initial thoughts are that the camera system exudes quality. From the machined aluminum housings of the cameras, to the sleek design of the DVR and GPS unit, the INNOVV K2 looks like a high-quality piece of kit. And what’s more, the entire system is now built to be waterproof a major gripe from the original K1 system Brasfield reviewed in 2016.

The INNOVV cameras, both front and rear, record at 1080p with 30 fps.

The K2 system also benefits from updated design and construction materials giving it a modern look and feel. Not only does the K2 look good, it now has built-in wifi like the C5 which allows you to connect to the camera wirelessly via the INNOVV app. The app, available for Apple and Android operating systems, allows you to playback recordings, adjust settings, and share your location and video with friends.

The K2 features many of the benefits and updates from the INNOVV C5 which Evans thoroughly reviewed in 2017. The updated DVR allows for the K5’s startup routine to be delayed 10 seconds from when the ignition is turned on to avoid power fluctuations that occur when the starter motor is cranked and the wifi enabled unit also allows users to download videos wirelessly to their phone negating the need to easily access the DVR.


Installation of the system is fairly straightforward. The most difficult part may be deciding where to mount the cameras. The L brackets the K2 comes with give a few different mounting possibilities but not as many as a ball mount would. On my friends Kawasaki, it wasn’t as easy as mounting the camera directly below the headlight since the KLR has a high fender which is mounted to the fork and leaves little space to the main front fairing.

You’ll likely end up with some extra cable to bundle and secure somewhere under your bike’s clothes.

Once you’ve chosen your mounting locations, you’ll want to be sure to choose the correct cameras according to the cable length you’ll need. One of the cameras has a 6.5 ft cable with a 3.3 ft cable attached to the other. The cameras are interchangeable and can be mounted as you see fit to ensure the cable reaches the DVR. Double sided tape is included to mount both the DVR and GPS unit to the bike.

These bare wires secure into the DVR with the red and black using rings on the terminal end to easily connect it to the battery.

To power the INNOVV K2, you are given three wires, two of which connect to the battery (red and black) and one yellow wire which is meant to be plugged into an available accessory plug, if your bike is so equipped, or simply spliced into a wire which is powered when the key is turned on. We opted to use a vampire clip to tap into the KLR’s tail light wire which provided the necessary juice.

The DVR is thin, making it easy to find a centralized mounting point.

Once you’ve chosen your mounting points, the correct cameras for your mounting positions, finding a spot for the DVR and GPS unit are fairly easy, and this is where everything connects. We chose to keep the DVR on the side of the bike near the battery just behind the fairing near the riders left thigh. Once everything is plugged in there is minimal setup required. Just check to see that your cameras are mounted logo up, which will have them oriented in the right direction. If you want to check, it’s easy enough to show the video through the INNOVV app to ensure your camera is oriented correctly and giving a clear view fore and aft.

Be sure to check your settings once the camera is mounted. You may just end up with 400+ one minute videos from a week of commuting. Ask us how we know. If you leave the camera in the “Loop” setting, selectable via the app, the camera will record in intervals of 1-10 minutes, stop, and start a new video. This is for those who might not want one file that is as long as their commute.

Hitting the Streets

As far as everyday usage, the INNOVV is designed to seamlessly integrate with normal daily usage. Like Popeil used to say, “Just set it and forget it.” Once the system is installed and your preferences are set, you can kind of forget about it. Sure, if you want to check out or download videos from the unit, you can get to the DVR and pull the micro-SD card or simply download low res versions to your phone, but if you want to use the unit as a dash cam, it’s intended purpose, it’s ready to go. The K2 starts recording about ten seconds into your switching on the motorcycle and stops and saves when turned off. Maximum supported capacity for the K2 is 256gb which allows plenty of footage to be stored before the camera begins recording over the older files automatically.

The convenience of the INNOVV system over just sticking a GoPro on your bike or self can’t be understated. It’s not something you have to remember to charge and/or turn on and of course, once you’re out of space on an action cam, you’re out of space. The INNOVV K2 delivers on all of those levels where the action cam can be inconvenient, at least when being used as a “dash cam”. At $338, it’s less than some action cams, too. That being said, the 1080p 30fps video is meant to give you evidence of whatever might befall you on the mean streets, not allow you to create masterfully edited crystal clear 5k videos for YouTube. If you want a convenient “dash cam” that you can count on to record without needing to think twice about it, the INNOVV K2 delivers effortlessly.

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