dainese veloster

Dainese Veloster Perforated One-Piece Leather Suit

Editor Score: 86.25%
Aesthetics 8.75/10
Protection 8.5/10
Value 8.0/10
Comfort/Fit 9.0/10
Quality/Design 7.75/10
Weight 8.5/10
Options/Selection 9.5/10
Innovation 8.50/10
Weather Suitability 9.25/10
Desirable/Cool Factor 8.5/10
Overall Score86.25/100

Retailing for $1,099.95, the Dainese Veloster one-piece perforated suit is an affordable alternative to the more expensive offerings in Dainese’s closet. For sure, you’re sacrificing some of the features and benefits of the high-end suits, but primary protection remains as does comfort. Best thing, the Veloster is of the “In” boot variety, meaning, instead of stuffing bulky leathers inside your boots, the Velosters are designed to be worn over the boot.

The Velosters are constructed of the same Tutu cowhide used in the slightly more expensive Laguna Seca suits ($1,199.95-$1,249.95), and slightly less expensive Racing Estiva suits ($929.95). It’s not until you step up to the Aero suits ($1,599.95-$1,649.95) that you get the D-skin 2.0 leather, or the Trickster suits ($1,899.95-$1,999.95) that are constructed of kangaroo hide. Like the more expensive suits, the Veloster has a removable NanoFeel liner, while the NanoFeel liner of the Racing Estiva suit is non-removable. Soft padding inserts are sewn into the liner around the hip and tailbone areas. A nice touch are the stretch panels sewn into the liner that helps the suit’s interior move with you in the same way the exterior stretch panels do. At the back of the neck exists a soft, stretchy material to better allow movement, especially in the tuck position, when your head is tilted as far back as possible.

dainese veloster

Interior stretch panels run from the armpits, down the sides and across the lower back of the liner. More are found in the crotch and inner thigh areas. When you’re sweltering on hot summer’s track day, and sweatily sticking to the inside of your suit, this added stretchability is welcome.

The Veloster features the same co-injected shoulder with aluminum inserts over top of CE-certified composite protectors with its pricier kin. CE-certified composite protectors also exist in the elbow and outer forearm areas, as well as knee and shin areas of your legs. What’s missing in elbow and knee areas is the external aluminum inserts found on some of Dainese’s other suits.

dainese veloster

We found some runaway stitching on the left leg of the Veloster suit. This type of defect – a malfunctioning zipper, a broken zipper pull, or stitching that is loose, popped open, or broken – is covered for one year from date of purchase.

External stretch panels are found above the knees, from the back of the shoulder to under the arm, down the sides, and across the back. S1 bi-elastic fabric is found in non-traditional impact zones: inner arm, chest, crotch and inner leg. The material provides ample protection while increasing comfort, and decreasing weight. Speaking of weight, the Velosters in size 54 measured 10.3 pounds, compared to the racier, same-size Rev’It! Stingray leathers, reviewed here, which tipped the scales at 11.0 pounds.

This is my first “In” boot leather suit, where the boot fits inside the leathers instead of the other way around. I found the design to be far more comfortable than stuffing a bunch of thick leather into a boot, then crushing it against your leg with the boot’s enclosures. This design also allows for the boots be smaller, lighter, and more comfortable. Dainese sent a pair of TR-Course In Air boots ($299.99) to compliment the Veloster suit.

Like the Veloster perforated suit, the TR-Course In Air boots are riddled with small perforations to flow air during the hottest of summer months, making for an excellent boot/suit combination. The boots are constructed of D-Stone fabric, nylon, and a microfiber upper, and features a D-Axial jointed anti-ankle-twist system, and TPU shin guards. Compared to a size 11 “Out” boot, such as TCX’s R-S2, reviewed here, that weighs 2.4 pounds, the Dainese TR-Course “In” boot scaled at 1.9 pounds for the same-size boot  – that’s a half-pound weight savings per boot!

dainese TR-Course In Air bootYou’ll find velcro on the front and side of the TR-Course In Air boot. Matching female velcro strips are found on the inside of the legs of the Veloster suit. The velcro keeps the leather snugly in place when riding, and (hopefully) when crashing. The boots feature a rear zipper closure while the bottom legs of the Veloster suit feature dual calf zippers.

The Dainese Veloster one-piece perforated suit is available in sizes ranging from 44-60, and five different color schemes. The TR-Course In Air boots come in two color schemes and sizes 39-47. The combined total of suit and boots ($1,399.90) seems a fair deal for the quality, protection and comfort derived from the pair – especially being an “In” boot design, my new preference for comfortable track kit.

For more information go to dainese.com.