LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

"Gets Your Ride Back"

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When was the last time you volunteered your personal information to the National Crime Information Computer (NCIC) system? Getting arrested for drunk and disorderly at Mardi Gras doesn’t count.
By having a hidden LoJack Recovery Systems device installed on your motorcycle, your bike is instantly registered with the very same system used by federal, state and local law enforcement agencies throughout the country. When you don’t wanna lose something you love to thieves, you protect it any way you can. Seventy thousand motorcycles are stolen in the U.S. every year. If your bike gets stolen, LoJack will find it.
Not wanting to tip off the thieves to the hidden installation spots, we weren’t given any detailed information about the install beyond the fact that only certified and registered LoJack installers at nationwide dealerships perform the install for you. To keep the locations of the devices secret, they often install systems in private garages to keep other mechanics from seeing the install.

Economy is down; your bike can bring a pretty penny on the black market. Get it back if it gets stolen with a LoJack Recovery System, look for this sticker in your local dealership.

How’s it Work?

The LoJack system operates directly with a network of state and government law enforcement agencies (the cops) and includes a patented radio frequency transmitting device stashed on the bike. Simple, right? LoJack stands apart from other motorcycle anti-theft devices on the market by being the only system using radio frequency for tracking, and in cooperation with the police, they are the only system that can be called a recovery system.
Other tracking systems are based on global positioning systems that can easily be blocked or lost, just like the signal of a navigation system or satellite radio. Those signals can easily be lost in wooded areas, deep city caverns or even your own garage. Even a few blankets over a motorcycle stashed inside a van can muddle the ability of a GPS-based system to be tracked.

Radio waves, like from the LoJack system, don’t have the signal range of GPS, but it has the accuracy necessary find your bike inside vans, buildings and even underground. Additionally, LoJack’s NCIC-based and police-controlled tracking signal constitutes probable cause and legally warrants a police entry if an item is tracked to private property.

Other Locator Options

•   Cycle Protect’s Liberator is a self-installed GPS trackable alarm system, but you need to retrieve the stolen bike yourself or hope it’s still there after you report the location to the police.

•   The TrimTrac locator claims to be the first truly affordable mobile vehicle tracking solution, but it’s rather large and hard to hide on a motorcycle. It also uses GPS signals for tracking.

•   Phantom Tracking’s anti-theft and crash detection package is exclusively made for motorcycles. It includes motion detection and notification, an ignition disabler (bike needs to be turned off first) and uses GPS signals for tracking. As with the other GPS systems, it puts you between the tracking agency and the police.

While I cannot explain how LoJack works beyond the RF vs. GPS comparison, I can tell you I have seen it work and I was truly impressed. In LoJack’s 20+ years of experience, they have returned over 250,000 stolen vehicles to their rightful owners worldwide. Tracking motorcycles since 2003, LoJack boasts a 90% recovery rate but can often claim 110% (going the extra mile) by recovering more than just the vehicle they’re looking for when they, for example, find your bike in a chop shop.

Upon purchase and installation of the system at your local dealership, your VIN and LoJack account numbers are forever married in their database, fully transferable upon the sale of your motorcycle (but remember to alert LoJack of the new owner’s name if you do sell it). The LoJack system gets installed for a one-time cost with no monthly fees. They even guarantee recovering your vehicle within 24 hours upon theft notification. The suggested retail price is $595 or $695 – depending on the type of LoJack system – plus the cost of installation.  For prices in your market, check with a local dealership.

Bike Theft is Big Business

On average, a bike is stolen every seven minutes in the U.S. In the event of a theft, or if a roommate decides to “borrow” your bike, you’ll need to report the missing LoJack-equipped motorcycle to the police. But first, as a special package for motorcyclists in California and select LoJack states throughout the U.S., the LoJack Early Warning system is also available. When your bike is moved without the Early Warning Key Pass, the LoJack network will notify you by email, phone or text message about the movement. Once you verify the theft, you report it to the police and at this point LoJack takes over to find your bike.

The police routinely enter the VIN into the NCIC system and your bike’s unique LoJack code is returned as matching the stolen VIN. This process automatically triggers the activation of the LoJack Unit hidden in your motorcycle and begins emitting an inaudible signal.

Instantaneously, your bike’s unique LoJack code is broadcast via the LoJack Radio tower network to the PTC (Police Tracking Computer)-equipped police cruisers and helicopters and they begin their search for your loved one. The entire process can take as little as one minute from your report to retrieval. Amazing! Potentially, upon reporting a stolen motorcycle, the police can have it found before you even have your shoes tied!

One possible downside is that LoJack isn’t available in every state of this great nation – available in only 26 states, but also in more than 30 countries around the world. Higher crime cities have been the first to adopt the system. To date, 80% of high-theft areas are covered and more cities are added each year. LoJack donates all the tracking computers to policing agencies; each system sold potentially helps to grow the coverage map.

LoJack Recovery Stories

Below are some of LoJack's top motorcycle recoveries from 2008:

“Two Las Vegas Chop Busts in Two Days” – In less than 48 hours, LoJack For Motorcycles was instrumental in helping Las Vegas police and the Southern Nevada Auto Theft Task Force break up two theft rings in two days. The operations led to the recovery of four Honda CBR motorcycles, a Yamaha ATV and the arrest of 10 suspects.

“Motorcycle Stolen and Recovered Four Times in Nine Months” – A Tucson resident discovered his 2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 missing from his apartment parking lot in the middle of the night. He immediately contacted the police to report the stolen motorcycle, and the silent LoJack transponder concealed in his bike was automatically activated. Just 14 minutes after it was reported stolen, a Tucson Police Department helicopter and a ground officer tracked the LoJack signal to another apartment complex in the area. There, they recovered the owner’s Suzuki hidden in a pile of bushes. This was the fourth time in nine months that the owner’s Suzuki was stolen by thieves and recovered by police using LoJack For Motorcycles.

“The Big One” – One LoJack equipped Harley Davidson, stolen from Las Vegas, was recovered in Monterey Park Calif leading to the largest Harley Theft ring. Seven confirmed stolen Harleys were recovered from past weekend thefts in Las Vegas. The police seized 5 additional Harleys, the crook’s entire home repair shop amounting to $80,000 worth of tools and computers with a total recovery value of over $300,000. The crook, a first time offender. was found guilty and sentenced to three years State prison and forfeiture of his entire property.

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