Future Set Innovations Shark's Eye Clock

"A durable design that withstands shock and vibration."

How often have you found yourself wondering what time it was while riding around on your sport bike, only to decide to keep on wondering rather than take the time to unzip a glove cuff, and pull back a sleeve or two to glance at your watch? It seems the only bikes to come equipped with clocks are fully-dressed touring rigs, five-figure-priced German imports, or the occasional sport-touring bike like a Honda VFR 750. The rest of us are sentenced to either perennial tardiness, or a never-ending stream of runs to the local thrifty-mart for those two-dollar digital clocks that last until the next heavy dew.

Well here's a product to put an end to all that. The Shark's Eye from Future Set Innovations is a small, light-weight, stick-on, water-proof, analog, battery-operated clock that glows in the dark.

It turns out that our fears were unfounded, and after a few thousand miles on the Buell, it's still there and still keeping perfect time.

Not ones to blindly believe every press release that comes across our desk, when we heard that the clock was "water-resistant," that immediately called for a five minute soaking in a glass of warm water. So with five minutes to spare, the editorial staff of Motorcycle Online naturally went for a ride, and five minutes turned into, well, much longer.

"Did you take the watch out of the water?" "No. I thought you did." Sure that we had ourselves a soggy paperweight, we found that the clock suffered no more than a fogged lens that cleared up after a few minutes in the sun. We went on to read that it was a "durable design that withstands shock and vibration." That, of course, meant that it was going straight onto the motor of our long term testbike, a Buell Thunderbolt S2, but it was kind of hard to read there, so we mounted it onto the instrument panel instead. The clock comes with a small piece of Velcro to facilitate mounting. The backing glue is very adhesive, but the small surface area of the Velcro allows the clock to wobble around causing some concern that it may fall off. It turns out that our fears were unfounded, and after a few thousand miles on the Buell, it's still there and still keeping perfect time.

We appreciated the clock's large, easy-to-read analog dial, although the glow-in-the-dark feature was mostly useless. With all the street lights in Los Angeles, it was never dark enough to allow the phosphorescent stuff to be seen, and yet not quite light enough to read the dial. Another button on the watch that would illuminate the dial would be useful.

The clock comes with a five year unconditional guarantee and costs 39.95 (American) dollars . The color and texture of the clock complimented our Buell's black instrument panel nicely, and is an excellent addition to the bike. Forty bucks is a lot to pay for a stick-on clock, and for our money, we would like to see the addition of a light, and a bigger piece of Velcro. So, due to the high price (although the five-year warranty probably contributes to that), we give our clock a stingy three (out of a possible five) stars. *** Here's how to get yours

To Order: By charge card, call 1-800-300-FSET Or send check or money order to: FutureSet Innovations PO Box 774 Campbell, CA 95009-0774

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