BMW ComforTemp Jacket

So hot it's cool?

This is pretty cool.

ComforTemp is what's called a phase change material -- one that alters its physical properties according to your body temperature. Know how your lava lamp takes a while for the wax to warm up and start bubbling? I'm thinking just like that on a smaller scale. "Tiny microcapsules of paraffin absorb excess heat from the body and store it until it is needed. When the body temperature drops, heat is released from the microcapsules," says BMW.

The amazing thing is it works; riding in temperatures ranging from about 50 degrees F to about 90, under an Aerostich suit or leather jacket, the ComforTemp does seem to have supernatural power to ward off chill and dissipate heat. Wearing it in and out of the house on chilly fall evenings even lets the ComforTemp strut its amazing ability to moderate your temperature. It's also sort of stylish, with the ComforTemp wetsuit-looking laminate fabric on the front and rear of the jacket, and fleece side panels. The nylon sleeves unzip when you just want a vest, and the main zipper zips all the way to your chin when you need it to. This jacket isn't going to replace your electric vest when it gets truly chilly, but for those days when you can't decide if you need to fool with a cord or not -- it's perfect. Comes in black. Machine washable. $175 at your BMW dealer.

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