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Weatherproofness, security, and convenience

While there’s something to be said about the convenience and cost-effectiveness of being able to toss a set of soft luggage on your motorcycle when you need it, the time comes when you realize that what you really need is a set of hard bags. Since they are bolted or locked to your motorcycle, they are significantly more secure from theft. Then there’s the weatherproofness that can’t be matched by soft luggage. If you’ve done any extensive touring on your motorcycle, you’ve most likely encountered the disappointment of opening your soft luggage to find that you didn’t have it securely closed before that last rain storm, and now, you’ve got to find a laundromat to dry all your clothes.

So, you’ve decided to invest in some hard luggage, but don’t know where to start. Well, you’ve come to the right place. First, you should be aware that the cases and their mounting brackets are often sold separately. So, be prepared.

OEM Accessory Bags

best motorcycle hard bags

A great place to start is your bike manufacturer’s accessory parts guide. When you buy from the OEM you can be sure that the bags will fit without modification, the paint color will match, and you might even be able to get them keyed to your ignition. You’d be surprised how many bikes actually have factory bags designed for them.


best motorcycle hard bags

Givi is known for manufacturing a wide variety of hard bags. From the boxy items favored by the adventure touring set to swoopier cases to match sportier machinery. They frequently have matching top boxes, too. So, take a look at what Givi has to offer.

Shop for Givi Monokey V35 Side Cases here

DrySpec H35 A-Lock Waterproof 35L Side Case Set

best motorcycle hard bags

If you want hard bags that you can use on and off your motorcycle, take a gander at the DrySpec H35 A-Lock Waterproof 35L Side Case Set. These cases are constructed of 3/16 inch thick resin walls with 18 gauge stainless steel mounting locks. They’re even IP67 & MIL-STD-810F submersible rated for those water crossings you may encounter. Your gear will remain safe, thanks to the case locks, but if you travel with them, the Man can still look inside by using their TSA keys. The DrySpec bags are compatible with SW-MOTECH and Givi luggage racks.

Shop for DrySpec H35 A-Lock Waterproof 35L Side Cases here

Viking Bags

best motorcycle hard bags

Viking bags are clearly designed for the cruiser set, and they offer hard saddlebags for nine different motorcycle manufacturers, including all the major American and Japanese marques. Viking’s Lamellar line of bags feature tough, hardshell construction that is available in matte, painted, or leather-wrapped exteriors. The locking bags are weather-tight and come with the hardware required for mounting to the model-specific versions.

Shop for Viking Lamellar Bags here

Champion Motorcycle Hard Bags

best motorcycle hard bags

While many motorcyclists may associate the Champion name with the line of trikes the company builds, Champion also sells made-to-order fiberglass bags for the cruiser market. Each bag comes pre-drilled with all the mounting hardware necessary for the application. Water-tight gaskets keep your belongings dry, while chrome locks keep them safe. Champion bags are available in paint-ready primer or gloss-white or black.

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best motorcycle hard bags

Shad offers a variety of universal-fit bags in sizes ranging from 23 liters all the way up to 36 liters, which is big enough to swallow a 2XL helmet. Their thermoplastic design insures weatherproofness, and their styles emphasize aerodynamic appearance. Of course the bags are lockable and each pair ships with an extra lockset to allow you to use a single key should you buy a Shad tail bag. Shad has mounting racks available for a wide range of motorcycles.

Shop for Shad Side Cases here


best motorcycle hard bags

Adventure riders are quite familiar with SW-MOTECH hard bags. These things are just about indestructible. From their robot-welded seams to the no-pierce riveting, every care is taken to make sure that the TraX panniers can go the distance. TraX Adventure cases are capped with corner reinforcements and feature heavy-duty stainless steel latches. The lids are quick-release detachable and feature two grab handles. The bags are available in sizes ranging from 37 liters to a whopping 45 liters.

Shop for SW-MOTECH TraX hard bags here

Hepco & Becker

best motorcycle hard bags

German manufacturer Hepco & Becker produces a wide variety of cases for several different riding markets. Ranging from ABS plastic construction to a ABS/aluminum combo, Hepco & Becker saddlebags cover just about every motorcycle activity you can think of. For example, the rugged Xplorer cases have become one of Hepco & Becker’s top selling products since being introduced only a couple years ago. They are made of 1.5 mm thick anodized aluminum and ABS plastic to combine the best of both worlds. The aluminum has been anodized to prevent corrosion especially when putting wet items in the case. The plastic has been designed to absorb impacts. The angled structure of the cases provide for enhanced strength and durability. A clever lid hinge makes it so that you can remove the lid completely if needed making this is a top loader case that folds up to 90° for maximum access.

Shop for Hepco & Becker hard cases here

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  • TC TC on Feb 09, 2020

    Does any company sell color matched panniers that are pre-scratched so I don't feel bad when I drop my bike in the parking lot?

  • MotoMan MotoMan on Oct 14, 2020


    The CEO of this company has offered me a $14 refund for sending me a wrong product after waiting almost 2 months a seat and countless customer service calls. The product was discontinued after my purchase so I purchased a product that wasn't real then was offered $14 to right the wrong. $14!!!!!!!! These employees should be ashamed to know this is the customer service their leadership promotes.