Zero Motorcycles Offering Fleet Sales Staff
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Zero Motorcycles offering fleet sales

Electric bike manufacturer targets governments and businesses
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Oct. 27, 2009
Zero Motorcycles is launching a fleet sales program for its line of electric bikes.

Starting Nov. 2, Zero Motorcycles will offer large volume purchases on its entire product line for businesses and organizations. Zero Motorcycles will target organizations looking for environmentally-friendly transportation options.

The fleet sales program will not only expand the availability of Zero Motorcycles products beyond the consumer market, but it will also allow for groups to use Zero electric motorcycles for functions ranging from basic recreation to government security, says John Lloyd, vice president of worldwide sales of Zero Motorcycles. People in all industries will be able to experience the versatility of electric motorcycles and the reduction of fleet maintenance costs while supporting green initiatives.

Zero Motorcycle says law enforcement agencies will benefit from the electric bikes low noise levels, allowing officers to communicate easier while riding, while the lack of harmful emissions will be useful in public gatherings. Government agencies such as the U.S. Forest Service may also benefit from using the electric motorcycles, minimizing the disturbance of campers and wild animals.

Zero Motorcycles is also promoting its products low upkeep and maintenance costs as a selling point.

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