WSBK: FIM Reduces Weight Limit for Twins Staff
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WSBK: FIM reduces weight limit for Twins

Ducati 1198 limit reduced for Miller Motorsports round
By Motorcycle.Com Staff, May. 17, 2010
Ducati will get a bit of a boost after the World Superbike Championship reduced weight limits for 1200cc Twins.

Starting at the May 29-31 round at Utahs Miller Motorsports Park, the new minimum weight for 1200cc Twins such as the Ducati 1198R will be reduced to 165 kg (363.8 lb.) from 168 kg (370.4 lb.).

The change was made following the May 16 Kyalami, South Africa round. During the first six rounds of the 2010 WSBK season, the results showed 1,000cc four-cylinder race bikes, on average, outscored the Twins by more than five points per event. Thats even after factoring Michel Fabrizios Race One win in Kyalami.

wsbk fim reduces weight limit for twins, Even with Michel Fabrizio s win in Kyalami Ducati has struggled during the opening six rounds of the 2010 WSBK season
Even with Michel Fabrizio's win in Kyalami, Ducati has struggled during the opening six rounds of the 2010 WSBK season.

The previous minimum weight for Twins was set in 2008 after Ducati increased the displacement of its Superbike to 1198cc. In its first two years, the 1198 helped Ducati win the manufacturers title, but so far in 2010, Ducati has struggled, trailing Suzuki and Aprilia in the standings.

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