Twenty20 kills the Helmet Cam with VholdRTM

The Next Gen. Wearable Camcorder in stores this fall.

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Aug. 09, 2007
Seattle, WA - Twenty20, the aggressive Seattle-based company known for its innovative POV (point of view) Helmet Cameras, is breaking the mold yet again with its next-generation wearable camcorder called, VholdRTM.

Earlier generation lipstick cameras require cables, which connect them to a separate recording device hidden in a backpack. VholdRTM leaves that setup in the dust with its self-contained, zero-wire, "Shoot and Store" design.

In fact, VholdRTM doesn't even involve videotape. Its internal components change the rules. Twenty20 opted to run VholdRTM with sophisticated hardware-based video compression, and record to an SD card, delivering instantly playable and sharable MPEG-4 files. Recording time is expected to be around an hour per gigabyte, with cards ranging between 1 and 4 gigs.

Additionally, digitizing content from tape to computers is no longer an issue. Out of the box, VholdRTM is ready to capture and deliver high quality video files with ease to the average computer.

On the outside, VholdRTM is a hair smaller and similar in shape to James Bond's Walter PPK. VholdR'sTM lens and image sensor are hermetically sealed. And with a protective aluminum and ABS exoskeleton, all components are splash proof, shock resistant, and can withstand wide temperature and humidity ranges, making it the perfect video weapon for sweaty rainy jungles, kiln-hot deserts, snow-covered peaks, and peeling surf spots.

Twenty20's experience in the field uncovered - if not invented - problems that required focused solutions. From environmental conditions and size constraints, to ease of use and video quality, VholdRTM addresses them all.

Throughout VholdR'sTM design and development, KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) was a running mantra for Jason Green, one of Twenty20's two founders. "Our plan is to make action video as easy to record and share as a picture on your digital camera."

VholdRTM is expected to release this fall in limited numbers, so if you haven't pre-ordered yours by now, you may be pressed to find one before Christmas. You won't however, have to call every store in town because Twenty20, in acknowledgement of their own limited supply, will be posting daily stock updates for buyers on through the Holiday season.