Smart eScooter Concept Unveiled

Electric scooter unveiled at Paris Auto Show

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Sep. 30, 2010
Automaker Smart unveiled its electric scooter concept at the Paris Auto Show.’s sister site is in Paris to cover the show to provided us with live pictures of the official unveiling of the Smart eScooter concept. Smart, a member of the Daimler AG family of automobile manufacturers which also includes Mercedes-Benz, displayed the eScooter alongside an electric bicycle called the eBike at the Paris show.

“When our customers speak enthusiastically about their smart they describe the perfect city car that is maneuverable, flexible, safe, spacious and fast and offers lots of driving fun - on the road and when looking for a parking space,” says Dr. Annette Winkler, head of Smart. “Lots of people are already looking forward to the zero-emission continuation of the ‘vision smart’ with the smart electric drive, which will soon become a firm part of the cityscape. And now we are bringing all these features to two wheels with the eScooter.”

The Smart eScooter concept features retractable passenger seat and pegs, combined ABS, an airbag and uses solar power to help recharge the lithium ion battery.

The eScooter is powered by a disc-shaped wheel hub motor rated at 4 kW running on a 48V lithium ion battery. According to Smart, the eScooter has a top speed of 28 mph and a range of up to 62 miles. Charge time is estimated at three to five hours through a household electrical outlet. The battery can also be charged through regenerative braking and solar power collectors on the front of the eScooter.

Smart equipped the eScooter with several safety features rarely found on motorcycles, let alone scooters. The eScooter uses a combined ABS system, an airbag integrated into the paneling under the handlebars, and Daimler’s Blind Spot Assist system. First introduced as an option for the Mercedes-Benz S and CL-Class models, the Blind Spot Assist system uses short-range radar sensors to detect vehicles in the eScooter’s blind spots. A triangular light in the mirror flashes if the sensors detect an object in the blind spot.

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One thing the eScooter concept is missing is a built-in display panel. Instead, it has a mount for smartphones such as the Apple iPhone. The smartphone serves as the eScooter’s control and communication center, displaying a speedometer, battery charge level and navigation system. Other features include a stowaway passenger seat and retractable passenger pegs which automatically move into position when the seat is in place.

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