Windshield/Fairing for 89 Suzuki GS500E Staff
by Staff
All, can anyone help me with finding a Windshield or Faring for my girlfriend's 1989 Suzuki GS500E ? This was the first year that the bike was made. I bought it for her as a gift (her first bike). I soon found out that NO ONE makes a Windshield or Fairing for that model year, as in 1990 Suzuki changed from clip-ons to generic bars.

Used or Modified are OK with me.



You could get a bolt-on National Cycle, but the cool thing to do would be to eBay an old Vetter Windjammer -- aka "Purple Rain" monster squid fairing, then put NOS on the back rack and you'll be cool to go! Well, that's what we'd do, but maybe that's why they call us

--The MORons

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