Follow up to My Query About the GSX1400 Staff
by Staff
I think I left out a vital piece of information regarding the appeal of this tasty looking bike, of which the experience of riding I would liken to a big, hearty meal at Outback when you haven't eaten in about three days. So here it is. This bike puts down a solid 94 ft. lbs of funk to the blacktop. The fact that this comes at about 4-5 grand means...(please, no drumroll, that would be corny) this thing gives you a big, well deserved KICK-IN-THE-ASS when you tweak the loud handle. Horsepower isn't the reason for my salivation. No, it doesn't make horsepower like a race bike, but hey, it's not supposed to. Please don't roast me for not obsessing about peak horsepower and minimum weight. Anybody actually know what I mean when I say "big block power"? That is not synonomous with 130 horsepower @ 10,000rpm. If this still confuses any of you, feel free to e-mail me for a full explanation.

We think this guy makes far too much sense to be a MOridian! --MO

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