Seattle 999 Unveiling

Elliot Strong
by Elliot Strong
So the combined luminaries and poseurs of the Seattle motorcycling community all convened to swirl cheap red wine and coo over the Ducati 999 unveiling on Friday evening at Seattle Ducati. I gotta say- I throw a much better party...

On the plus side, I superficially liked the looks of the newest Ducati. Something I'd put in my garage (assuming I owned an edifice with such a thing)? Maybe if I had truckloads of disposable income and didn't know what to do with it. But I keep thinking, "it's better than I expected."

As an adroit MO reader pointed out, in this price range, should we settle for that? Shouldn't something that costs what some teachers make yearly blow us away both aesthetically and technologically? Or should we just ooh and ahh over the latest piece of artwork because it's the Thing to Do?

I am out of my element here, but I've heard a lot of grumbling from art-inclined types (Fishstick!) about Terblanche's designs. Personally, he seems hot and cold. Supersport redesign? Overall cold. MH900e? Hot. Multistrada? COLD. 999? Hot. Ish. Maybe. We'll see.

There is one thing I have to fess up to- Seattle makes me a more cynical person and my new writing position at the campus newspaper at the University of Washington doesn't help either. Is it just that I'm a young and jaded jackass journalist that doesn't see a whole lot of positives in the recent trends in art, film, literature, music, motorcycles, what have you? Is it just that I have seen a lot of crap lately as an Arts & Entertainment writer? (Hey, at least they pay me...) Or am I really one of many like-minded hominids whose synapses may be firing in a similar manner?

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