Kawasaki Vulcan Reader Feedback

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Listen, you may have to lead me out behind the shed andshoot me soon. Last weekI was puttering down theroad in some heavyishtraffic on our 900SSDucati, and the thoughtoccurred to me I'd ratherbe riding the Kawasaki Vulcan 800 Classic I'dbeen putting miles onlately. No. Really.

Also, now that my fist-clenching cruiser muscles have developed to a point where evenself-service can no longer be thought of as safe sex, I'm able to cruise at my usual 80-90 mphgait just as easily on the unfaired Vulcan as on the Ducati. The Ducati is the kind of modern,uncomfortable furniture gay couples and New Yorkers have. The Vulcan's your dad'sBarcalounger.

Why not be comfortable then?

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Brent Avis
Brent Avis

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