Disappearance of MO Staff Shrouded in Mystery!

Ashley Hamilton
by Ashley Hamilton
Dateline Southern California. After three days of peace & quiet, users of internet website motorcycle.com appear to be in a panic, over the apparent disappearance of the staff. Rumors abound as to the whereabouts of Editor In Chief and Bitter Little Man, John P. Burns. It has been alleged that he took the money and ran. Others wonder if he is studying for an alien abductee role in the new Mel Gibson thriller. Ouija boards and psychic consultations have turned up nothing in the way of meaningful leads. This has done little to calm the resident conspiracy theorists, many of whom also believe that Elvis shot Abraham Lincoln and Kurt Cobain with the same bullet. Could there be something to the rumors? Is it likely that the website has been abandoned and subscription money squandered? We'll have to wait and see, but smart money says that Elvis is dead.

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Ashley Hamilton
Ashley Hamilton

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