Moodie Wins Junior TT

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Jim Moodie comfortably took the victory in the 600cc Junior event to extendto eight his winning pedigree in the annual Isle of Man TT racing festivalbut there was bitter disappointment in the early stages of the four laprace for two of the favorites.

Yorkshireman Dave Jefferies, bidding for a third winning triple in as manyyears on the Island, was forced out at Sulby on the opening lap as hisSuzuki ground to halt with mechanical problems, and then on the second lap,John McGuinness also had machine problems, having to retire his HondaCBR600...

Moodie, the winner of the corresponding race in 1999, was in dominant form.He had overtaken Jefferies over the first nine miles, and was maintainingthat pace as McGuinness tried to challenge, but the Lancastrian was nineseconds down at the end of the opening lap of the 37.73 mile MountainCourse.

As McGuinness stopped, Ian Lougher, the winner of Monday's 125ccUltra-lightweight race, moved second but the Welshman was never in aposition to challenge for the lead as Moodie, riding smoothly maintainedthe pace aboard his V&M Yamaha, to be 26 seconds clear at the half-distancepit stop for fuel.

Moodie was in no mood to let this one slip, riding smoothly, to maintainhis lead on the third lap, and then extend it to a winning margin of 33seconds with a final fast lap at an average speed of 120.20 mph:"Absolutely brilliant, tremendous." Said Scotsman Moodie.

"The clutch was slipping and wearing, so I had to stop using thequick-shift, so it was a case of keeping it going, and maintaining myconcentration all of the way through to the end. It was not easy outthere, because of a number of damp patches. It was a case of riding as hardas possible on the dry, but going a bit steadier in the damp." ConcludedMoodie.

Lougher was well pleased with his second place: "Brilliant - I took a whileto get my head down on the first lap. There were no problems, the bike wasso easy to ride." Said Lougher.

Jason Griffiths (Yamaha) took third place, ahead of Ryan Farquhar(Kawasaki) and Richard Quayle riding the Campbell Honda. Adrian Archibald'sdisappointing week continued as the Ulsterman brought his Red Bull HondaCBR600 into seventh place.

Kiwi Bruce Anstey romped to maiden TT glory as he won the 250cc race by alittle over three minutes. The Yamaha rider was always running clear outfront, even able to enjoy the luxury of a leisurely pit-stop, with secondplaced Simon Smith, a journalist riding the Manton Honda as a replacementrider for Shaun Brown, unable to make any impact.

Anstey said of his ride. "The bike was flying, going really well - I had nosignals around the course so I was doing my own thing and enjoying theride. I always knew that I could go well. It was just a case of keeping itnice and smooth."

Smith said. "I've hardly ridden two-stroke 250s so it was a gamble butafter my firstlap on the machine in practice I was more than happy to race it."

He added: "I'm really happy with second place. I had a problem-free race andI¹m pleased for the team after the late changes and Shaun¹s injury."

Junior TT result (four laps 150.92 miles):1 Jim Moodie, GB (Yamaha) 1hr 15m 56.9s 119.22mph,2 Ian Lougher, GB (Suzuki) 1hr 16m 30.3s 118.36mph,3 Jason Griffiths, GB (Yamaha) 1hr 17m 08.2s 117.39mph,4 Richard Britton,GB (Suzuki) 1hr 17m 22.4s 117.03mph,5 Ryan Farquhar, GB (Kawasaki) 1hr17m 24.7s 116.97mph,6 Richard Quayle, GB (Honda) 1hr 17m 30.6s116.82mph,7 Adrian Archibald, GB (Honda) 1hr 17m 30.8s 116.82mph,8 ShaunHarris, New Zealand (Suzuki) 1hr 17m 44.8s 116.47mph,9 Brian Gardiner, GB(Honda) 1hr 17m 51.8s 116.29mph,10 Iain Duffus, GB (Yamaha) 1hr 17m 55.5s116.20mph.250cc TT result (four laps 150.92 miles):1 Bruce Anstey, New Zealand,(Yamaha) 1hr 18m 31.1s 115.32mph,2 Simon Smith, GB (Honda) 1hr 21m 34.7s111.00mph,3 Roy Richardson, GB (Honda) 1hr 22m 18.5s 110.01mph,4 Richard Coates, GB (Honda) 1hr 23m 11.6s 108.84mph,5 Keith Shannon, GB(Honda) 1hr 24m 57.3s 106.58mph,6 Henrik Voit, Germany (Honda) 1hr 25m13.1s 106.25mph,7 Paul Owen, GB (Honda) 1hr 25m 23.7s 106.03mph,8 Trevor Keys, GB (Honda) 1hr 27m 28.7s 103.51mph,9 Decca Kelly, GB (Yamaha) 1hr 28m 48.7s 101.95mph.Only nine finished.Sidecar -- race result (three laps 113.19 miles):1 Rob Fisher / RickLong, GB (Yamaha) 1hr 01m 19.0s 110.75mph,2 Dave Molyneux / ColinHardman, GB (Honda) 1hr 01m 33.2s 110.33mph,3 Ian Bell / Neil Carpenter,GB (Yamaha) 1hr 01m 49.7s 109.84mph,4 Roy Hanks / Dave Wells, GB (Yamaha)1hr 02m 37.3s 108.45mph,5 Gary Horspole / Kevin Leigh, GB (Honda) 1hr 02m45.5s 108.21mph,6 Philip Dongworth / Stuart Castles, GB (Kawasaki) 1hr03m 20.4s 107.22mph,7 Kenny Howles / Doug Jewell, GB (Yamaha) 1hr 04m11.2s 105.80mph,8 Tony Baker / Scott Parnell, GB (Yamaha) 1hr 04m 13.9s105.73mph,9 Ben Dixon / Mark Lambert, GB (Honda) 1hr 04m 45.0s 104.88mph,10 Andrew Laidlow / Darren Dodgson, GB (Yamaha) 1hr 04m 49.9s 104.75mph.
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