Ben Bostrom Holds Onto Provisional Pole

Glenn le santo
by Glenn le santo
Ducati L&M rider Ben Bostrom held onto provisional pole position at his homecircuit, Laguna Seca Raceway, despite a last minute charge by DucatiInfostrada man Troy Bayliss.

The Australian squeezed Eric Bostrom (KawasakiMotorsports ZX-7R) out of the number two slot with a flying lap as the clockticked away the final seconds of the qualifying. Although he dipped into the1'25 second territory, Bayliss wasn't quite fast enough to demote Eric'sbrother Ben Bostrom.

Only five riders got into the 1'25s; both Bostrom brothers, Bayliss, Corser and Chandler.

However, both Bostrom brothers failed to improve on their Friday times while Baylissshaved half a second off his fastest time set in Friday's qualifying. TroyCorser also improved his Friday time, setting a 1'25.749 lap on race tyres,jumping from sixth to fourth on the grid in the process behind Eric Bostrom.Doug Chandler on the other Kawasaki Motorsports ZX-7R qualified fifth infront of Edwards.

All the grid positions are provisional as the top sixteen riders now have toface the challenge of Superpole later this afternoon. Superpole involves thetop sixteen riders only, with each rider getting one warm-up lap and oneflying lap, all done alone on the circuit. The Superpole times thenreshuffle the grid, so a fast time in Superpole can push a rider up thegrid. Conversely, if you crash or set a poor time, you'll be demoted downthe starting order. Eric Bostrom hasn't ridden World Superbike before so theSuperpole is new to him and it'll be interesting to see how he handles it.

Superpole is due to run at 16.00hrs local time.

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Glenn le santo
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