Lamson and the Ladies

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Team Husqvarna announced today that itwill provide factory support, motorcycles, and assistance to Elin Mannduring the first two rounds of the AMA/Bel-Ray Women's Motocross LeagueChampionship Series and the Bel-Ray WML International MotocrossChampionship.

The Swedish teenager hails from Kareby, Sweden, and is the defendingPRO-CLEAN Ladies British MX Invitational Senior Class champion, and oneof the top Husqvarna Pro riders in Sweden. Elin will pit with the othermembers of Team Husqvarna, and she will also have the opportunity topractice before the races with teammate and two-time AMA champion SteveLamson...

"Husqvarna, as a company, is dedicated to supporting its riders aroundthe world. As a top-level Husqvarna rider in Sweden, it only made sensefor Husqvarna USA to support Elin while she competes in such aprestigious event," says Larry Ferracci, Director of Operations forHusqvarna's U.S. distributor. "We hope that our involvement with theWomen^Òs MX League will set an example of what needs to happen to propelprofessional women's motocross to the next level while providing theexposure both the WML and Husqvarna deserve."

The 2001 Bel-Ray WML International Motocross Championship will be heldin conjunction with the second round of the Bel-Ray Women's MotocrossLeague Championship Series. That race will be held during the HangtownNational event of the AMA/Chevy Trucks U.S. National Motocross Series inSacramento, CA on May 20, 2001.

Team Husqvarna's primary sponsors are Fast By Ferracci and DKNY.Associate sponsors include Diadora, Dunlop, Marzocchi, Renthal, SpectroLubricants, and Troy Lee Designs. Also supporting the team's effortsare Battery Tender, Bob's Java Hut, Brembo, Cagiva USA, D.I.D.,Earthlink Internet, Millennium Technologies, N-Style, Polaris, ProCircuit, Sachs, Sunoco Race Fuels, Twin Air, USAG, V-Force, and Wiseco.

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