Competition Accessories Confirms Slight to Drive Cars

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Competition Accessories Ducati confirmed today what was rumored immediately after the Daytona 200 -- Aaron Slight has decided to concentrate on his new career in automobile racing and did not feel comfortable at this stage of his career in committing to the full AMA Superbike season.

"I enjoyed working with the team at Daytona, even though the race itself was rather bizarre," said Slight. "I see the makings of a real professional effort being put together by the Competition Accessories folks, but in the end I just didn't feel comfortable..."

" the full commitment that I think the effort deserved now that my British Touring Car Championship factory Peugot deal is signed. I still enjoy motorcycle racing, and Tim Pritchard and I are still talking about the possibility of my joining the team for Laguna Seca and the WSB race there as I'm familiar with the track and it would be fun to get back on the track with WSB riders," Slight said.

"We're disappointed that it worked out this way as Aaron's experience and professionalism had a positive impact on the team, even though he was only with us for the Willow testing and Daytona," said Pritchard. "We are staying in close contact, and Aaron is actually helping us identify some potential replacement riders he is familiar with from overseas."

Note to Competition Accessories: MO recommends Roland Sands

Competition Accessories rider Larry Pegram finished 6th at Daytona after a start from the back of the final red flag grid. "As Larry was the only Ducati rider to emerge from Daytona with AMA Championship points, (25 points, 13 behind Mladin) the team plans to focus our energies to insure his continued success in future races. The way the points are awarded in the series, any early DNFs can make it a real uphill battle."

"We really aren't interested in putting someone on the bike who can't get in there and mix it up just to have a second rider run around in 12th, so that leaves a pretty short list of riders worldwide who are both qualified and available at this time," said Pritchard.

The team plans to use the time between now and Sears Point (May 4-6th) as well as possibly scheduled testing at Atlanta in April to identify and select a second rider.

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