Daytona 200 Post Race Quotes

Calvin Kim
by Calvin Kim
Winner Mat Mladin, rider of the No. 1 Yoshimura Suzuki
"I've really dedicated myself to doing a good job here and first thingsfirst, this Suzuki is really unbelievable."

"From the first start I had such a big lead I almost finished the raceright there. Then we had the red flag. In the second start, Miguel(Duhamel) came and I was just at that point where I started putting sixor seven tenths of a second a lap on him when the red flag came out. Soall of our advantage that we had was all gone. Then in the next one,everyone came and realized they could go faster than what they actuallywere. I guess they all got a second chance and fortunately we finishedthat good in the end."

"It just comes down to having again an experienced team. Daytona is abit of a crap shoot still even now and a lot of the guys had someproblems with tires. Our bike's been getting faster and more powerfuland been getting set up better. I attribute it to a great team. A lot ofguys will say, 'Yeah, but you've got to ride the thing,' and yeah I dobut if I didn't have a great bike underneath me I couldn't ride it theway I need to."

Eric Bostrom, rider of the No. 32 Kawasaki
"I knew that we were pretty quick, it was just a matter of gettingthere. Our qualifying was so bad that we were miles behind everybody bythe time things got going. Actually, Kurtis (Roberts) effectively tookme out of the race for the lead with his tire problem because I got hungup behind him and that was enough to let Mat get away. I've got to thankmy guys for really doing a good pit stop."

"I anticipated being on the podium on Friday and didn't make it. It wasa long race and at the end I just wanted to get this thing over with.It's definitely nice to be up here (on the podium) in Daytona. It's ahuge race for the manufacturers."

Kurtis Roberts, rider of the No. 80 Team Erion Honda
"The first part of the race Mat was pulling away from us all. Then therace got going after the third restart. I got a pretty good start andcame through a couple of guys and started closing in. "My bike wasdeveloping a little hop and I knew I was hard on the tires and I knew Iwas in trouble. Miguel was in the lead at that point so I was trying toget around these guys and maybe slow them down to give Miguel a fewsecond lead and maybe win one for Honda. I knew Mat was going to betough to beat."

"This is such a long race, it's hard to expect coming in here a win orwhat to expect not having been in a superbike race. I'm surprised to behere especially after everything that happened."

Fourth-place finish Doug Chandler, rider of the No. 10 Kawasaki
"My expectations for a finish were a top 10. This race is always tough.Nutation and staying clear and clean, I did everything I had to do. Thatlast start, I come off pretty good. I thought we could run with thosefront guys, but I'm still too sore. I can't break and move as quickly asI need to be. I thought it would be better to take what we can get andget healthy and go race again."

Fifth-place finisher Tommy Hayden, rider of the No. 22 Factory Yamaha
"I had a pretty good setup. I felt a lot better on the bike. We got upto fifth and I thought we were close to catching Chandler for fourth inthe beginning of the last stint. Then I couldn't get there anymore andhe started getting away so I settled for fifth."

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