Superbike Qualifying From Fontana

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Cold winds brought temperatures way down to the 60s for the first qualifying session of the AMA Superbike’s second round at Fontana Speedway. HMC Ducati rider Doug Chandler finished the session in eighth position; his first dayriding on the California circuit. Chandler was one of the few riders whodidn’t test here pre-season.

“It’s not bad for the first day”, said Chandler. “The track’s not as easy tolearn as I expected. The last half is okay but the first half has somedifficult corners, they’re not blind but I can’t see the apex of the corner...

"Of course this will improve with more laps. I chased Yates to try and learnhis lines and let Anthony [Gobert] by to take a look at his lines but ranout of time. Tomorrow I’ll fall in with a couple of the guys and see what Ican learn.

“The bike feels good but there are changes we need to make. These will beeasier once I get up to speed. We’re going to have to push tomorrow in thepractice session before the race.”

Doug’s long time crew chief, Gary Medley, is happy with Doug’s performancetoday and had nothing but praise for the rider, team and bike.

“Everything’s going good,” smiled Medley. “Doug is doing fantastic for thefirst time here. We have a few corners to sort out and a few slight changesto make, but I know we’ll be ready for tomorrow’s race. We made very fewadjustments to the bike today, but that may change tomorrow as Doug getsfaster.”

The weather forecast is for warmer weather for tomorrow’s final qualifyingand first race.

Qualifying results1 Anthony Gobert YAM 749 1’25.2502 Aaron Yates SUZ 750 1’25.6283 Nicky Hayden HON 999 1’26.0074 Mathew Mladin SUZ 750 1’26.1275 Kurtis Roberts HON 999 126.1416 Eric Bostrom KAW 750 1’26.4657 Jamie Hacking SUZ 750 1’25.6598 Doug Chandler DUC 998 1’27.1749 Miguel Duhamel HON 1000 1’27.42310 Pascal Picotte DUC 998 1’27.631
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