Dakar Results

The results of the 14th stage of the Paris-Dakar Rally (143 miles) are as follows:

1. Kari Tiainen, Finland, two hours, 53 minutes and 07 seconds.2. John Deacon, Britain, 3:07:39.3. Giovanni Sala, Italy, 3:09:39.

4. Jordi Arcarons, Spain, 3:11:16.5. Jean Brucy, France, 3:11:27.6. Fabrizio Meoni, Italy, 3:12:12.7. Carlo De Gavardo, Chile, 3:13:23.8. Alfie Cox, South Africa, 3:14:189. Isidre Esteve Pujol, Spain, 3:15:51.10. Jimmy Lewis, United States. 3:17:09. Overall Standings: 1. Fabrizio Meoni, Italy.2. Jordi Arcarons, Spain.3. Carlo De Gavardo, Chile.4. Isidre Esteve Pujol, Spain.5. Alfie Cox, South Africa.6. Jimmy Lewis, United States.7. John Deacon, Britain.8. Johnny Campbell, United States.9. Jean Brucy, France.10. Patrick Sireyjol, France.
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