Best California MOtorcycle Roads

Summer is here and it's time to get out and ride. Where would you like to go?

For those unfortunate souls who live in places like Minnesota and Montana the snows are just beginning to melt but California offers fantastic riding year round.

Where are your favorite places to ride? Recent postings list "interesting" places such as Kansas, but I would like to know where MO readers / riders would go -- given the magic of time and money.

To get things started: My favorite road is California's Highway 155 from Delano over Greenhorn Pass, dropping rapidly into Wofford Heights (on the beautiful shores of Lake Isabella). At that point I turn left and head into Kernville, continuing up towards Johnsondale but taking a right turn on J-41 over Shermann Pass (absolutely deserted and freshly paved). Shermann is incredible, cresting at 9200 feet in the Southern Sierra before descending down through Nine Mile Canyon and Kennedy Meadows to Highway 395.

From there I usually return via Highway 395 and 178 (over the historic Joseph Walker Pass) and descend the Kern Canyon into Bakersfield before looping back up to Delano.

So what's your favorite ride?
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