About Unequal ''Comparisons''

Having just read the September 2006 sport touring comparison of the BMW K1200, Yamaha 1300 and Triumph 1050 triple, I'd like to "rant" for a moment.

Surprise surprise, the $20,000 BMW was the favorite sport tourer. It was a little more refined and had a more comfortable back seat for the Spousal Unit. OK, fair 'nuff. But the $10,000 Triumph is a fine handling, good lookin', incredible sounding do-it-all sport bike with great luggage. It has a little bit of "hooligan" in it's blood which gives it a visceral appeal at a slighty lower than gut level. It doesn't bother me if my S/U doesn't especially care to ride along. Sometimes estrogen doesn't mix well with testosterone anyway! I bought a Triumph Sprint ST for it's bare knuckled, in-your-face raw appeal and kept the extra 10-large for other toys!

Not all bikes in a single class are created equal. Choose wisely!
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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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