Why Can't We All Just...sniff...get Along?

I'm anxious to get the opinions of all MOrons about the source of the apparent animosity between cruiser riders and riders of...well, any other street bike.

I see it in almost every thread on motorcycle.com, and as I ride down the street trying to figure out who will wave and who will not. It's more of an academic excercise to me as I wave like a fool at all other bikes, including scooters.

As a subset of this inquiry, what's up between riders of "jap crap" ( I heard this term again 2 weeks ago, I kid you not) and Harleys. I'm old enough to remember when showing up at the wrong place on the wrong kind of bike was risking a confrontation, but had hoped that it would change over time. I think it has changed in severity, but the general feeling does not seem to have changed. Why don't our commonalities far outweigh our differences? There's an old saying that it doesn't matter what you ride, only that you ride. Is that unrealistic? Please break into small insular groups and discuss.
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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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