MO Launches Subscription Service?

Philip Strauss
by Philip Strauss
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Allrighty there readers, here's your chance to tell us how you really feelabout us. It's no secret that the love affair with Internet companies isover. Many have already gone or are in the process of going out ofbusiness. They can't generate enough revenue either because nobody hadany need for them in the first place or the cost of developing a brand faroutweighs their revenue potential. The problem is that there is so muchconfusion in the air, even the good companies are getting mixed inwith the bad. So what's this got to do with an online motorcycle magazineyou're asking? Everything!

The only costs of publishing a print magazine that don't exist for anonline magazine are the costs of paper and postage. Yet, the onlineadvertising budget for the entire motorcycle industry is probably lessthan three percent of what the largest print motorcycle magazine aloneearns in advertising revenue. If you're a numbers person, that is about$30 million in ad revenue and yes it's primarily from the verymanufacturers whose motorcycles they review. In addition, that onemagazine earns another $9 Million in subscription and newsstand sales,while online magazines earn zilch. Quite a disparity don't you think?Especially when you consider that our most recent independent circulation (BPA Interactive) audit reported that our readership exceeds the largest print motorcycle magazine, and anything else motorcycle-related in the known world.

So now we would like your opinion. Let us know whether you'll support asubscription-based service without advertising, a combination thereof,more e-commerce or whether you'll finally agree to register. If you don'tlove us let us know that too. We won't like it but sometimes the truthhurts.

Feel free to leave us feedback below, and vote your preference in the poll to the right.

--Philip Strauss, CEO, Motorcycle.Com Inc.

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Philip Strauss
Philip Strauss

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