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From AMA ProRacing:

PICKERINGTON, Ohio (February 22, 2007) – AMA Racing has announced the official formation of an all-new Rider Safety Council for Road Racing. The six member team will serve as an advisory group regarding safety related issues. Serving on the council will be Ben Bostrom, Jamie Hacking, Tommy Hayden, Mat Mladin, Cory West and Jake Zemke.

AMA Racing officials will work with council representatives to review each AMA venue. AMA staff will then collaborate with each track to develop an ongoing safety enhancement plan as part of each facility’s commitment to the series.

Participating members of the Racer Safety Council have agreed to make themselves available to any competitor wishing to voice a track issue at any AMA Superbike Series event. It will be the responsibility of council representatives to then bring these concerns to the attention of AMA officials so they can be evaluated and resolved as quickly as possible.

Rider Safety Council input will also be sought by AMA Racing regarding issues such as:

  • Evaluating new venues for AMA competition
  • The review of major construction or track changes by existing facilities to ensure concerns have been addressed

Additionally, at least one council representative will participate in pre-event track inspections with AMA Racing officials.

The formation of this group formalizes a process that has already been in place and is designed to improve overall safety at AMA Superbike Championship events.

“The riders in this group have been among the most pro-active in dealing with safety issues,” said AMA Road Race Manager Morgan Broadhead who will serve as the primary liaison between the council and AMA Racing. “Bringing them together, projecting one unified voice will enable the AMA and tracks to better identify and prioritize safety issues and develop solid plans to resolve them.”

“This safety council has been in the planning stages for some time. We’re very excited about getting it off the ground,” commented AMA Road Race Director Keith Kizer “Now it’s up to us to make the most of what we get from these guys.”

The Racer Safety Council will be officially introduced during the rider’s meeting held at the opening round of the 2007 AMA Superbike Championship presented by Parts Unlimited at Daytona International Speedway on Wednesday, March 7.

AMA Racing is evaluating plans to create similar councils for other forms of AMA Championship Racing

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