Arai Offers Joey Dunlop Replicas

Brent Avis
by Brent Avis
Arai Helmet Americas, Ltd. has announced the release of avery special limited edition Joey Dunlop Replica helmet. The offer is allthe more special because Arai Americas will donate every penny of itsprofits to the Joey Dunlop Fund for his family and his charities. The offer is part of a joint effort between Arai Americas, based inDaytona, FL, and Arai Europe.

"We want to commemorate Joey's memory,his racing achievements, and, to a greater extent, his exceptional andselfless humanitarian activities," said Roger Weston, president ofArai's North and Latin American operation...

"This is why we're donatingevery penny of our profits from each sale," he continued.

To maximize the amount of the donation from each helmet, Weston said thatArai is even bypassing its normal American distribution channels byallowing purchasers to order directly from the Arai website. "This way,the maximum amount of money will go to the family and charities.Admittedly, it's a bit more work for us here, but it brings the bestresult."

Weston added that Arai retailers will be involved because buyers willhave to go to a dealer to get sized and fit correctly and to place theiradvance order. All helmets will be made to order in a single productionrun and will then be shipped directly to the customer. Upon receipt ofthe purchaser's warranty card, an official Certificate of Authenticityand collectible photo of Dunlop will be mailed.

For the $600.00 price, each purchaser receives an individuallynumbered 2001 model Arai Quantum/f in Dunlop's distinctive yellow andblack design - the same one he wore for almost 20 years - plus theCertificate of Authenticity and photo of Dunlop.

Interested purchasers can find full ordering information by logging ontothe Arai website at Sales through Arai Americasare limited to North and Latin American purchasers. All orders must bepostmarked no later than February 9, 2001, and no overseas orders will beaccepted.

Note: This is not the first time the Arai company has come to the aid of one ofits racers or their families. Arai Americas has done similar programs forthe family of the late Arai-sponsored racer Jimmy Adamo, and morerecently to aid the injured dirt tracker, Kevin Atherton.

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