HOG: Please Fund Buell's New Engine

Dear Harley-Davidson,

You have lots of money given to you by legitimate chrome-lovers from one end of the union to the other and now you're even selling the shiny things in other places where people wear different hats and don't talk the same.

Raking in profits hand over fist, you've left Eric (Buell) only a little pushrod V-Twin from the 1950s with which to power his otherwise balanced, high performance, sport-oriented and very modern bikes.

I'd bet consensus is that HOG should re-invest a meagre sliver of those profits into hiring some top-of-the-line engineers for Eric, and maybe a slender slice for a little foundry to make some modern engines that rev and go.

Please let America have an actual sports bike brand of its own, you know you want it, you know they're capable of it, you know if you build it they'll buy it.

Especially since they won't have to continually forgive it.


People who actually ride.

Is this just asking for trouble?
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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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