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I've been riding motorcycles for the past year and a half. My second bike was a 2005 Ducati ST3, which I feel was a perfect bike for my needs. I live in San Francisco, and thus ride in town commuting to work, running errands, and just zipping around town for fun. On the weekends, I usually go for longer rides up or down the coast for several hours. I've done a couple of longer trips to Tucson, Arizona. The ST3 has been a blast regardless of how long (or short) I am riding. I've never found the seat uncomfortable, and have never had mechanical problems with the bike.

So, here's my question for any of you out there. I am considering getting another ST3 (a 2007), but was wondering if there are similar bikes out there that many of you have found to be a great sporty-all-arounder. Hard bags are a must, since I don't have a car and need to be able to carry stuff.

I've been doing some research on my own and most of the mazazines I've seen usually compare the ST3 to the Triumph Sprint ST and the Honda VFR. I recently subscribed to MO in order to get other peope's perspective on the topic. Any feedback would be great.



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