2007 Honda CBR600RR Intro Report

Motorcycle.com Staff
by Motorcycle.com Staff
Some bikes we test are rare exotics -- we have tests of the MV Agusta Brutale on the way, as well as the Boss Hoss -- and some are more common than VW Microbuses at a Phish concert. The CBR600 series fits into the latter category.

However, despite -- or maybe because of -- its ubiquity, the CBR is one of the most technologically advanced motorcycles you can buy. It makes an amazing amount of power for its displacement and is aerospace-quality light, all while being affordable, comfortable and as reliable as a rubber chicken.How do you make something so amazing better? Well, it helps if you're the largest producers of motorcycles on planet earth and you have an obsession with offering the best-engineered products to your customers. We sent Senior Editor Gabe Ets-Hokin to Alabama's Barber motorsports park to test the 2007 Honda CBR600RR to see how much better this one is than last year's.

Is it better than the other middleweights? We'll have to wait until we can do our comparison test next year. Until then, enjoy this first-ride report of the CBR600RR!

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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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