Motorcycle Fuel Mileage: Is It Important You? Staff
by Staff
The fuel mileage of the average motorcycle is a lot better than that of the average car or truck, so it might seem that fuel mileage would not be a big issue.

But with gas topping three bucks a gallon during part of the past year and threatening to do so again with every future meteorological or political crisis, two-wheel fuel mileage could become an issue.

For instance, I belong to a club that puts on a big group ride every Sunday, eight months a year. A typical Sunday ride ranges from 150 to 250 miles. Since the fuel cost of a Sunday ride sometimes exceeded $15 during parts of the year, the question, "What kind of mileage you getting?" came up a lot more often at fuel stops.

So the question is, how has the price of fuel affected how much you ride, how much you think about the fuel mileage of your present bike, and how much fuel mileage will weight in on the purchase of your next bike?

Dang! Good question mikenomad. So good in fact, we'll make it our next Poll/Survey. Look for it soon!--MO
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