Brock's Performance Cracks 200 MPH on the ZX-14. Staff
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From Brock's Performance:

A mere six months after its public debut, the Ninja ZX-14 has already stormed its way into the 200 mph club. Chad Millholland became the first rider to run over 200 mph on a ZX-14, during last weekend's ECTA (East Coast Timing Association) speed trials at Maxton Army Air Base in Laurinburg, NC. Riding a Brock Davidson prepared ZX-14, Millholland tripped the timing beams to record an official ECTA-sanctioned pass at 200.92 mph.

The most remarkable aspect of the run is that it was made by a basically stock Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14. Brock Davidson lists the only modifications as the addition of his Brocks Performance Street Megaphone exhaust system, a custom map for the aftermarket fuel injection box, a re-calibrated speedometer, ceramic wheel bearings and some drag racing suspension tie-down straps.

We used around $1,500 worth of bolt-on parts for this bike said Davidson, adding There were no internal engine modifications; we even used a stock clutch.

Davidson was so impressed with the ZX-14's performance that he made his own record attempts, noting I really like what Kawasaki did with this bike; I've never done any land speed racing and even though I weigh over 200 pounds in my leathers, I was still able to get above 198 mph during my first few attempts.

Once Davidson was satisfied with the ZX-14's setup, he asked land speed veteran Millholland to step-in and try for a 200+ mph run. The rest is ECTA history.

It isn't uncommon for highly-modified race machines equipped with nitrous, turbo or superchargers to exceed 200 mph. However, a reliable, stock-engine equipped production motorcycle with minimal aftermarket modifications is different.

Accomplishments like this one serve to reinforce the Ninja ZX-14's already dominant reputation.

Davidson owns and operates Brock's Performance Products, which specializes in a vast array of performance products for sport bikes, for racing, and for street applications. Brock's Performance Products can be reached at (937) 298-6818. For more information log onto:

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