Choose Your Weapon: Best of the Best, 2006 Staff
by Staff
These days, that is saying something. Just about any sportbike -- regardless of displacement -- designed in the last four years is an incredibly capable machine that can win races or tour the Blue Ridge Parkway with equal ease. But if they're all so good, how do we know which is best? We must know!

Fortunately, your favorite crew of MOrons -- and some surprise guests -- is here to answer such pressing questions. They rounded up three of the best sportbikes on earth -- the Triumph Daytona 675, and the GSXRs 1000 and 750 -- to thrash on the street and on the track to discover the essence of sportbikedom and crown the winner.

Which one is on top? Is it Rule Britannia or Land of the Rising Sun? We'll find out soon in our 2006 Best of the Best Comparison!

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