V-Twin Appoints CEO and CFO

V-Twin Holdings, Inc. has hired a new Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. The company is the manufacturer of the "Biker's Dream" brand and also owns Cycleclick.com.

Roger Cheek has been appointed as the CEO of both the company and the Cycleclick.com subsidary. The 36-year-old was formerly the vice president of PurchasePro.

Gary Davidson was hired as the CFO, and the 43-year-old will be maintaining his position as director of the accounting firm of Century Business Services.

Both men come from a background of highly qualified positions.

V-Twin Holdings, Inc. is headquartered in Washington D.C., and it owns 6 motorcycle and powersports stores in Virginia, Texas, and California. Cycleclick.com is a web-based marketplace for retailers and manufacturers that want to increase their purchasing power, sales, and productivity.

For more information on V-Twin, check out www.vtwin.net.

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