Picking a Bike for a 6 Footer

I paid my money so I could get opinions and thoughts about this investment. So don't let me down :)

I owned a 94 Honda Magna that I totaled three years ago and my wife has just cleared me to purchase another bike. This was made easier by the fact that her parents bought 2 Harleys last year (96 Electro Glide and 04 Sportster 1200C). Needless to say, no in-law jokes or complaints from me. For the last 4 months I have been riding the Sportster on the weekends with my father in law and have completely enjoyed the bike other than the fact that it doesn't fit. I end each ride (40 - 80 miles) with a sore back and cramped legs. The sportster has forward controls, but don't seem to be far enoughThat is the background, here is the question. I have only ridden "cruiser" type bikes. I work at home, so no commute other than the airport 2-3 times a month so mostly for stress relief and weekend rides (40-150mi ?). I would like some feedback regarding sport/sport touring/cruisers that will fit my long legs and in the same price range as the Sportster (9-12k). I am drawn to the Sportster and Yamaha's bikes currently because of their financing specials, but want to make a smart choicePretty open ended question, but would really appreciate any feedbackEric in Vancouver, WA
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George Obradovich

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