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To all those who may be able to help, please direct your questions and/or answers to MO reader: Alpine725.--MO

It all started when my 83 VT750C wouldnt start. Atthe time it appeared to be the clutch switch notmaking a connection. I have since removed the clutchswitch and jumped the two wires together eliminatingthe need for the clutch to start the bike. Everythingwas working fine until recently when after stoppingfor gas, the bike wouldnt start again.I checked the battery (seemed OK), anything electricalon the bike seemed to work - with the exception of thebike starting - so I jump started it. After it wasrunning, I pressed the start button and the starterseemed to engage. After another 30 - 45 min ride Iturned off the bike and tried to start it again -nothing. After about an hour, the bike started again.One of my buddies thought maybe a "dead spot" in thestarter. I thought I would come here and see ifanyone can help me out by offering their input and ifthre is a mechanical problem or a bad part, maybeoffer suggestions on what I need and where I mightfind one.

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