Post 4,000 Mile Service Question. Staff
by Staff
I have a question. I just had the 4,000 mile service done on my 2005 Kawasaki Nomad. I
religiously check my gas mileage everytime I fill up and I've been getting a tremendous
average of 37 mpg. However, the first full tank after the service only gave me 31 mpg
and the fuel indicator on the speedometer display recently just indicated I was down agallon at 28 miles. I'm taking the bike back to the dealer this Saturday. What could the dealer have done that would've so drastically altered thegas mileage? I called the dealer and they said they wouldn't have done anything thatwould've caused the change, but, obviously, something changed from the tank of gas
before the service and the one after. Please respond to this question as soon as
possible as I'd like to have some info to take with me when I go to the dealer on
Saturday. Thanks!

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