A Hunka Hunka Stolen Leather

Brett Ratner
by Brett Ratner
It's probably not a good idea to steal a motorcycle jacket, especially if it belonged to the King...

Texas law enforcement authorities said 42-year-old Robert Louis Rodgers of Austin stole Elvis Presley's leather motorcycle jacket in February 1998 from a museum near Presley's Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee.

A sting operation enabled police to nab Rodgers as well as 33-year-old Kirk Sanders, who attempted to help Rodgers sell the jacket.

Officials told The Dallas Morning News that Rodgers has jumped bond, and a warrant is out for his arrest.

A Dallas judge, meanwhile, has sentenced Sanders to four years' deferred probation and fined him 750 dollars after he pleaded guilty to grand theft.

Geez, for 750 dollars, he could have bought a nice jacket of his own from First Gear or Vanson or maybe Aerostich.

The jacket, by the way, was returned to Elvis Presley Enterprises.

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Brett Ratner
Brett Ratner

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