Does Such a Bike Exist??

What's up MOFo's or MOrons....whatever you may be. I need to know what is the sportiest, capable bike with comfort for two?

Answer from experience only please as I've already read every review of every bike on the planet. My riding style is sporty(as in I should probably be riding on a track) but safely. I'm looking for something that will fill my sportbike crave when solo(i.e Sunday rides; track days for fun only), keep the lady comfortable when riding to Laguna Seca (2.5hrs) or Tahoe(2.5hrs) and good to ride everyday. It's also important to not be bogged down when riding two up so 600's I would think would be out. I'm 5'11 and about 175 and previous bikes were CBR600, Katana 750, VTR1000. I need more sport than those as I can tell those aren't the sharpest tools for my riding. Does such a bike exist.....I dunno but maybe you do so lemme know what's up!
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George Obradovich
George Obradovich

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