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Ok, I just subscribed a few minutes ago, but I've been reading the forums for sometime now. I just recently ordered a new 2006 Buell XB12Ss ( no race kit ), so no, I can not give you my opinion because I have not taken delivery yet, and I won't until June ( takes awhile to get bikes, as I am in Germany ). If you's have any words of advice on for the 06 XB12Ss, fill me in please. I intend on the majority of my riding being to and from work, and occasionaly with a budy of mine, who owns an R6. Any advice for facing him?, I'm sure he'll want to race sometime. I've found quite a many roads in the mountains here that look enticing. I was scouting the local area for some twisties, and when I actually found some there were vehicles on the road besides bikes... I think they had it established among the locals to be a "bike only" road, cuz man was I getting alot of looks driving in the car. But they definately looked to be enjoying themselves almost all were draggin' knee's; was a enthusiasts dream. Thanks Alot.


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