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Wouldn't it be great if one or more bike makers started thinking outside the box again?

They have a few times in the past. Such as when BMW said, "Hey, let's build a horizontally opposed twin," or when Honda said, "Let's build a superbike with a horizontally opposed six," or when MotoGuzzi said, "Let's turn the engine sideways so the cylinders are in the breeze."

I doubt that they did a lot of marketing studies with focus groups before the first flat-twin BMW was designed, the first Goldwing was introduced, or the first MotoGuzzi sideways twin appeared.

The question is not "Why should we do something different?" but rather "Why not do something new and interesting?"

Here are some ideas that bike makers might try. How about a longitudinally mounted 60-degree DOHC V6? Or a 90-degree DOHC V8 (a motorcycle engine, not a half-ton car engine)? Or an inline-5? Or a 9-cylinder radial engine?

We need some new and exciting engine configurations to reinvigorate the world of motorcycling.

Hmm...There's gotta be a comment or two from the peanut gallery about this.--Pete

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