Sidehack Does 170 Mph! Staff
by Staff
WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND: A Kiwi set the world SIDE-HACK speed record. NewZealander Glenn Hayward, driving a 1000cc machine dubbed the Flying Kiwi,shattered the 19-year-old world speed record for motorcycle and sidecar on astraight stretch of highway on New Zealand's South Island. Riding with a 60kilogram (132-pound) weight in the sidecar, Hayward reached a two-run average of272 kph (170 mph), eclipsing the previous record of 222 kph (139 mph). Arepresentative of the International Motorcycling Federation observed the recordattempt, making it official.

Anyone know what was he riding and who is this person who goes this fast on three wheels?


PS -- Do Urals go that fast?

Urals don't run long enough to possibly go that fast!

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