Confederate Motorcycles Sport New ''wraith'' Model... Staff
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Confederate Motor Company announces the first machine to be launched on our new "B" platform architecture- the B91 Wraith. ...

Available for delivery on October 31, 2005, the first twenty models will be released to their new owners at our factory in the warehouse district of New Orleans. The 2006 B91 Wraith is the latest addition to Confederate's family of exotic, handcrafted American motorcycles, and the perfect amalgamation of old-world design and modern materials.


Okay that's basically just the company press blurb, but how could I have been ridign for six years and never heard of these guys. At least for my particular aesthetic these bikes (Including their F113) look like some kind of divine motorcycle gift. If i had 60 grand to throw around i might even consider one, but they're still fun to look at in the meantime.

Couldn't find any test rides or reviews though so I guess they could still be un-rideable hunks of junk.

Confederate are considered by many the cream of the crop in production clones, and the Wraith is particularly cool. Sir Alan Cathcart got first exclusive ride, so we'll see a review in Cycle World and all over the world soon as he syndicates the article... --MO

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