New Buells Online Now

For those of you who've been waiting and haven't noticed yet, the new 2006 Buell models are online now.

The featured bike is the much rumored XB12X Ulysses sport/adventure tourer. A funky thing it is with a revised and elongated frame swingarm combo and a host of other items including a pillion pad that doubles as a multi-position luggage rack. Although, absent is a stubby Buell signature tail for obvious reasons. I think I like it.

The other bike, for me, is a bit of a let down as it is not the sport-tourer that many hoped for. It's the XB12S Lightning Long (cue porno sountrack), a stretched version of the 12S that seems to use the revised frame and swingarm from the 12X. (Although the wheelbases of the two are slightly different.) Probably not a bad idea for taller folks as the bike offers roomier ergos, but a far cry from a new sport-tourer.

Anyway, judge for yourself and sort through all of the details at
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