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On June 28, 2004 I had a major accident. I had my bike's front tire slide out from me and the bike washed out. I ended up hitting a guard rail which immediately amputated my right leg below my knee. Besides my leg, my left forearm's bones got shattered and one of my ribs was cracked. I was wearing a helmet, full leathers, racing boots, and gloves. All manufacturers were contacted because all of the gear helped save my life

Currently, I'm equipped with a prosthetic and I'm getting ready to return to work at 100%. I'm also looking into riding again. All of my gear needs replacement.

Over the last 9 months, I had Joe Rocket (my full leathers) and Sidi (my boots) contact me several times a piece. These emails were sincere letters wishing me the best and asking if there was anything they could do, not the typical "sorry for your misfortune, hope you feel better" letters.

I asked them if they could make me custom boots and a custom suit. Both have agreed.

Joe Rocket's sales manager has been in contact with me. He's waiting on one more clearance, and then he's going to have me go to a tailor around here and get measured for a custom suit. We're in the works. I explained to him that I want one of their best suits. I said I couldn't afford to get hurt again. FWIW, I keep on asking him about price, he keeps avoiding it.

Sidi, likewise, has been incredible. Sidi, and it's USA distributor, Motonation, had sent me a list of measurements which they asked me measure. After I got back to them with all of the measurements, they informed me that they are going to send me their top race boots for free. Sidi nor Motonation won't even let me pay for shipping.

I hope all of you will give either company serious thought when purchasing protective gear. There aren't many companies who care enough about their customers. It really is something when the companies themselves start writing letters with concern because they haven't heard from me in a month or so. Free replacement of their top products???? Come on....this is some incredible customer service from both.

At this day and age, it seems that bad things about a company spread like wild fire. I'm hoping that the good things these two companies have done for me spread equally as fast. If you do decide to purchase their products, please don't forget to mention my name and give them a thank you. It would be great for them to realize how far good can go.

Contact information:

Todd Tueller
Joe Rocket
Customer Service Manager
925 Turnbull Dr.
Idaho Falls, ID. 83401
[email protected]

Customer Service Manager
[email protected]
*Other information is pending*

Bill Berroth
1100 North Magnolia Ave, ste A
El Cajon CA 92020
Phone (619) 401-4107
[email protected]

Thank you,
Gennaro Galante
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