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Wayne Gardner to attend the 2004 GP Riding Academy

By Motorcycle.Com Staff, Sep. 05, 2004
Special Announcement for all participants in the 2004 Grand Prix Riding Academy - Phillip Island.


ICR is proud to announce that 500cc Grand Prix World Champion and motorcycle racing legend Mr. Wayne Gardner will join riders for the November 2004 GP Riding Academy at Phillip Island. Participants will have the opportunity to meet, talk and ride with the man who launched Australia onto the Worlds GP Racing stage.

Wayne Gardner's outstanding racing career includes the following statistics:

1979 - 1st Castrol 6-Hour --750cc class

1980 - 1st Castrol 6-Hour --Outright

1981 - 1st Swann International Series--Australia

1982 - 1st Castrol 6-Hour --Outright

1983 - 1st British Streetbike Championship
1st British TT Formula One Championship
1st ITV World of Sport Championship (UK)

1984 - 7th World 500cc Championship
1st British TT Formula One championship
1st Swann International Series--Australia

1985 - 4th World 500cc Championship
1st Suzuka 8-Hour--Japan
1st ITV World of Sport Championship (UK)
1st Swann International Series--Australia
1st British 500cc Championship
1st MCN Masters Championship (UK)

1986 - 2nd World 500cc Championship (wins in Spain, Holland and Britain)
1st Suzuka 8-Hour - Japan

1987 - 1st World 500cc Championship (wins in Spain, Italy, Austria, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Czechoslovakia and Brazil)

1988 - 2nd World 500cc Championship (wins in Holland,Belgium, Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia)

1989 - 10th World 500cc Championship (won in Australia)

1990 - 5th World 500cc Championship (wins in Spain and Australia)

1991 - 5th World Motorcycle Championship
1st Suzuka 8-Hour--Japan

1992 - 6th World 500cc Championship (GP win in Britain)
1st Suzuka 8-Hour--JapanCheck out the details at www.grandprixacademy.com
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Motorcycle.com Staff
Motorcycle.com Staff

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